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Tiger Self Closing Hinge
180° self-closing hydraulic hinge with precise adjustments on speed and final snap. The aluminium powder coated housing and unique high-tech components allow the Tiger to function perfectly in any weather situation. We highly recommend the Tigerdrill for an even more...
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Mammoth Self Closing Hinge
Elegant and powerful self-closing hinge for 180° gate situations. Mammoth is perfectly fit for gates up to 150 kg and 1500 mm wide. It is equipped with a double bearing for exceptional functionality. The Dino hinge is included. Self-closing hinge...
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Internal Hydraulic Gate Closer
The invisible Interio gate closer, with matching hinge set, is completely built into the gate frame. This highly aesthetic solution opens and closes the gate comfortably. The integrated pre-tension ensures an efficient and flawless installation where speed and final snap...
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Verticlose-2 Hydraulic Gate Closer
The Verticlose-2 gate closer is top-of-the-range within the Verticlose product series. It is extremely multifunctional and possesses excellent features, which makes Verticlose-2 a perfect fit for both 90° and 180° hinge situations. The integrated pre-tension and continuous adjustability of speed...
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Dino Double Bearing 180 deg Hinge
The Dino hinge is a double bearing hinge in an aluminium housing. The stainless steel bearings guarantee a smooth opening and closing of the gate. Easy to install with Quick-Fix. Opening angle: 180° Contains 2 stainless steel bearings Fixing: Anti-theft...
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Vinci Swing Gate Code Lock
High quality mechanical code lock with aluminium housing and stainless steel mechanism. The Vinci requires no batteries nor electricity, which makes it very easy to equip any gate with access control. The 20 mm continuous adjustability of the bolts allows...
from $1,159.00
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Swing Gate Lock
High quality gate lock with aluminium housing and stainless steel mechanism. We advise this lock as a standard for all your industrial gates. The 20 mm continuous adjustability of the bolts allows a perfect latching / locking of the mechanism....
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Fire Egress Swing Gate Lock
Stainless steel superior anti-panic lock with aluminium housing. EN179 certified configuration possible with LPKQ U2 for 40 & 60 mm gate frames with SAKL keep, 3006A-2 handle and 3012-54-STD- cylinder. Escape or exit from inside is possible at all times...
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Leonardo Sliding Gate Code Lock
Premium mechanical code lock for sliding gates with aluminium housing and stainless steel mechanism. Because no electricity or batteries are required, this system gives you the opportunity to equip any sliding gate fast and easily with access control. The unique...
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Sliding Gate Lock
First-grade lock for manual sliding gates with aluminium housing and stainless steel mechanism. The unique Twistfinger and conforming self-correcting keep guarantees a perfect closing of your sliding gate. For a fast and highly precise installation, we recommend using the Drill-Fix...
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Drop Bolt with Auto Lock Tab
Standard dropbolts with hot-dip galvanized bolt and the innovative Quick-Fix fixation. The dropbolt is auto-locked between the double wings.
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Motorised Electrical Drop Bolt
Electric 24V drop bolt with 115 mm throw for safe locking of automated swing gates. By securing your gate with an Electradrop you take the load off the electric gate motors and extend the life of your gate and automation....
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Drop Bolt Ground Stop
Economic ground catcher for drop bolts with maximum axle of Ø20 mm. With draining hole.
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Sliding Gate Lock Keep
Stainless steel sliding gate keep for hollow posts. The keep is 9 mm left/right auto-adjustable for an easy and secure anchoring of the gate lock. A rubber stop prevents the gate from being damaged while closing.
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Swing Gate Security Keep
Stainless steel keep with polyamide finishing for all your metal, aluminium and PVC gates. The patented stainless steel anchoring system prevents pulling the gates out of the keep. The unique Quick-Fix ensures a fast and strong mounting. The adjustable, aluminium...
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Swing Gate Keep
Stainless steel keep with polyamide finishing used as standard for all your gates (garden, ornamental, industrial,…). The unique Quick-Fix ensures a fast and strong mounting. The adjustable, aluminium stop plate with rubber accepts different gate profiles from 40 to 60...
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Gate Fixing Clamp Set
Handy toolbox with all components to position the gate frame as opposed to the fixed post upon assembly of the hinges, gate closers and other accessories. Solid plastic box with compartments for convenient storage 2 special clamps with 30-120 mm...
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Drill Jig for Tiger Hinge
Tool case with installation and drilling jig to perfectly align and install the Tiger gate closer and its Puma hinge. This tool guarantees perfect alignment and a fast and easy installation. No measuring needed, just fix the tool on the...
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Locinox Hollow Bolt
The new generation of the Quick-Fix can be reused completely many times thanks to its innovative design. Once mounted, the Quick-Fix keeps it position in the profile, even if the Quick-Fix is unscrewed. This way, the Quick-Fix guarantees an easy,...
from $10.00
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Internal Closer Wall Mount Kit
Optional set to fix the Interio gate closer directly on the wall. This set consists of two wall plates made of hot-dip galvanized steel. All fixations are included. Wall plate made of hot-dip galvanized metal with RAL9005 powder coating Distance...
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Round Post Adaptor
The adaptor plates are to fit Locinox surface mounted swing and sliding gate locks onto round pipe frames and posts.
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Mammoth Round Post Adaptor Kit
High quality aluminium bracket for installation of Mammoth gate closer on round chain link fences. The brackets are installed between gate closer and post. A perfect, firm and easy installation is guaranteed thanks to the drilling jig. The brackets for...
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Drill Jig for Locinox Swing Gate Locks
Drilling jig to prepare the gate-/strike-post for swing gate locks and according keeps. The jig can be adjusted for profiles 40-50-60 mm. The jig guarantees a perfect center alignment of the Locinox lock/keep on your posts.
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