M90 Hardwired Photocells
Roger M90 safety photocells prevent the gate from closing on a car. They are adjustable 15deg vertically (so you can mount them the same height off the ground on a sloping driveway) and 270 deg horizontally so you can mount...
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Photo-DB Wireless Photocells
Photocells are mounted on either side of the gate to improve safety. If the beam is broken by your car or a person they will stop the operation of the gate motor. The PHOTO-DB-PLUS is battery photocells allow a photocell...
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Roger Fifthy Safety Warning Light
Roger Fifthy is a very bright safety warning light that flashes before the gate starts moving with built in antenna. It should be mounted so it is visible from inside and outside the property. For a full safety configuration see...
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Anti-Vandal Cover for M90 Photocells
Anti-Vandal covers for photocells are highly recommended for public installations such as driveways for parks, schools or commercial premises Specifications Suits Roger M90 photocells Tough cover resists impact and protects the photocell photocell sold separately
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Wireless Safety Edge
Entrapment between the vertical bars of a gate and the guide post or wall is the leading safety concern with automated sliding gates. Safety edge is the best way to prevent this and is recommended for sliding gates in public...
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