Gate Cable Transfer
Gate Cable Transfer for protecting the wires from your post to your gate. 300mm - 500mm long. Stainless steel flexible cable sheath with cast aluminum end blocks.
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Gate Remote Antenna
A gate remote antenna extends the range of the remote. This is especially recommended for driveways on busy roads where you don't want to be waiting for the gate to open when you arrive or for gates where the motor...
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Gooseneck Intercom Post
Gooseneck Intercom post made from alumnium 65 shs with flange. Rain Hoods and adaptor plates available. Available in black or yellow.
  • Yellow
  • Black
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GSM Gate Controller
A GSM gate controller lets you program phone numbers into the gate and allows a phone call from that number to open the gate. Just tell SIRI to 'call gate' as you drive up to it. The most simple and...
from $552.00
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Hydraulic Damper for Sloping Gates
  The radial damper provides resistance to the gate while it is running down the hill but freewheels going uphill. It is recommended to fit a damper on steep rakes both to aid the motor and for safety reasons. Sliding...
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Mag Lock for Swing Gates
An electro magnetic lock is wired into the gate operator and  holds the gate securely at the free end. Recommended for long gates and gates in high wind zones. Available in a range of holding forces.
from $228.00
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Solar Power Kit
Solar is a great option to power your gate if it is a long way from the nearest mains. You will need to consider a few things here. Do you have good exposure to sunlight for the panel to charge...
from $1,539.00
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Zoom Wireless Photocells
Battery photocells allow a photocell to be mounted on the far side of the driveway without needing to run a cable across. While they are convienent to install, we always prefer a regular hardwired unit for reliability as the only...
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