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Big Bearing Gate Hinge
Bearing Hinges are the best way to hang an automated gate. The low friction movement reduces noise and wear on the gate and motor. The Bottom Hinge has a tapered thrust bearing that transfers the weight of the gate and...
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Double Rebate Gate Wheel
The Double Rebate Gate Wheels is the safest and most reliable gate wheel for large industrial sliding gates of up to 1400kg. Rebate wheels are safer than undergate wheels because the pivot of the wheel is inside the gate frame...
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Rising Gate Hinge
Lynx Rising Driveway Gate Hinges allow your gate to swing upward on a sloping driveway. They are designed for steel or aluminium gates up to 120kg per leaf. The bottom bracket is adjustable allowing for slopes of up to 10...
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Razor Wire Concertina
Lynx Long Barb Concertina Razor Wire is the ultimate high security fence top deterrent. Made from high tensile steel tape with wire running up the center it is extremely sharp and hard to cut. The only made in NZ razor...
from $229.00
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Razor Wire Coil
from $192.00
Razor Wire Coil
Lynx Long Barb Coil Razor Wire is the ultimate high security fence top deterrent. Made from high tensile steel tape with wire running up the center it is extremely sharp and hard to cut. The only made in NZ razor...
from $192.00
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Aluminium Gate Rebate Bearing Hinge
Rebate bearing hinges fit inside the frame of the gate to achieve a clean minimalist finish with very low post to gate gaps. They are the ideal hinge for automated aluminium driveway gates. The bottom hinge features a tapered thrust...
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O-Ring Bearing Roller
A premium quality sliding gate guide roller without compromise. Stainless steel shaft and nylock nut. Double stainless steel bearings. And double O-Rings mean that this roller will run smooth, wont rust and reduce scratching of your beautiful new gate.
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Aluminium Flag Drop Bolt
Pad-Lockable, Aluminium Flag Drop Bolt. Supplied with two lugs and two tubes that are welded to the gate prior to powder coating. 
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Rising Pipe Hinge
Rising Hinges for Pipe & Mesh gates slide inside the gate frame allowing it to rise as it opens. This requires a wheel at on the end of the gate and works best on a concreted driveway. Used in conjunction...
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Lock Box
The Lock Box houses and protects a pad lock to lock a manual boom gate or pipe & mesh gate. It comprises of a hot dip galvanised Pipe with a slot to receive a locking tab. A padlock is locked...
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Sliding Gate Box Guide Roller
Box Guide Rollers are a premium guide roller option for industrial sliding gates. They have a hot dip galv bracket and use stainless steel bearing rollers. The ultimate industrial sliding gate guide. The bracket attaches to the side posts on...
from $86.30
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Round Post Guide Roller
The Round Post Guide Roller is designed for 80nb posts and perfect for guiding Pipe & Mesh gates.
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Jockey Wheel For Swing Gates
Jockey wheels support the free end of a long swing gate. The GSR125-F is a spring loaded, 125mm diameter wheel suitable for gates of up to 200kg. The zinc plated frame can be welded or bolted to the gate. Recomended...
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Park End Catch Bracket
Park Bracket is a convenient offset bracket for mounting catches and end cups. It can be mounted horizontally to a 100shs post or vertically directly to the concrete pad. Suits:  Cais Medium Cantilever End Cup,  TonkaTrak End Cup,  Paddock 4...
from $82.20
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Heavy Duty Bearing Roller
These Heavy Duty Guide Rollers feature a machined M16 Stainless Steel shaft with two stainless steel concealed roller bearings. The ultimate guide roller for industrial applications.
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Gate Safety Cable
Gate Safety Cables stops a swing gate from falling to the ground in the event that the hinges are damaged. It is recommended to install these on all swing gates above 1.8m high in public places in order to prevent...
from $53.00
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TruGlide Sliding Gate Guide Block
TruGlide is a super convienent way to guide your aluminium sliding gate - especially on sloping driveways. The guide block runs in a black annodised aluminium channel that is attached to a guide post on the inside of your gate....
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Double Swing Gate Catch
The Double Swing Gate Catch is an easy way to latch two gates that meet together in the middle. Made from aluminium and using stainless steel fasteners, this latch will never rust and look good for years. A simple elegant latching solution...
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Angle Guide Roller
Angle Guide Rollers are the best way to guide a gate from one side. The two rollers run against an equal angle section that is part of the gate frame. The rollers are horizontally adjustable so that one will run...
from $108.00
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Square Post Guide Roller
These studry guide rollers attach to the guide posts on either side of the gate. The ease of fitment and adjustment make them the go-to guide roller for industrial sliding gates.
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Swing Gate Stop
Cast Aluminium Gate Stop bolts directly into the driveway. It features a rubber bump strip to reduce noise and scratching and holes to receive a drop bolt if applicable.
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Anti-Theft Bracket
An Anti-Theft Bracket is attached to the gate post and used in conjunction with a Sliding Gate Catch. It provides a way of attaching the Catch and also stops the gate from being lifted off the track.
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