EDGE [noun] the outside limit of an area, [verb] provide with a border or edge.

SMITH [suffix] denoting a person skilled in creating something with a specific material.

Our Story

Edgesmith is New Zealand’s biggest supplier of fence and gate hardware. We also supply to Australia, the USA and the Pacific Islands. Our products are engineered to keep people and their property safe and secure. The common element in all our products is that they go around the edge of a property!

Edgesmith considers its customers to be highly skilled craftsmen of perimeter architecture. We have drawn upon the respected artisan trade of blacksmithing to refer to them as fencesmiths, gatesmiths, doorsmiths, and so on. This is how Edgesmith was born, and unites us all under one adage: Edgesmith – perimeter perfection.

Our Mission

Our mission is to draw the focus back to the importance of perimeter architecture; bringing it to the forefront of the building process. We are leading the way with investment into research and development to create innovative products that are born from what our customers demand – simple products that: do the job well, are easy to install, save time and money, and meet the discerning needs of their customers in both form and function.

We are creating a movement where perimeter architecture is respected and admired; and we welcome you to join our tribe!

Management Team

Our company and our people are Happy, Hungry, Humble, Honest and Healthy - 5H's.

Gareth Knight

Managing Director

Michelle McKee

Financial Controller

Grant Kaminer

Sales Manager

Llew Morgan

Engineering Manager

Richard Cook

Business Development

Neho Ashford

Business Development

Ursula Edwards

Operations Manager
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