Big Bearing Gate Hinge
Bearing Hinges are the best way to hang an automated gate. The low friction movement reduces noise and wear on the gate and motor. The Bottom Hinge has a tapered thrust bearing that transfers the weight of the gate and...
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Double Rebate Gate Wheel
The Double Rebate Gate Wheels is the safest and most reliable gate wheel for large industrial sliding gates of up to 1400kg. Rebate wheels are safer than undergate wheels because the pivot of the wheel is inside the gate frame...
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Rebate Gate Wheel
High Clearance rebate gate wheels are ideal for residential and commercial gates where a low under gate gap is required yet but you don't want the gate to scrape on the track. These wheels can cope with up to 50mm...
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Rising Gate Hinge
Lynx Rising Driveway Gate Hinges allow your gate to swing upward on a sloping driveway. They are designed for steel or aluminium gates up to 120kg per leaf. The bottom bracket is adjustable allowing for slopes of up to 10...
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Gate Nose
The Gate Nose bolts onto the leading edge of your gate to guide it smoothly and quietly into the end catch and prevent scratching. Used with Lynx End Catches
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Heavy Duty Overhead Guide Roller Bracket
The Heavy Duty Overhead Guide Roller Bracket is suitable for gates of up to 100mm wide frames and is used in conjunction with Lynx Stainless Steel Bearing O-Ring Rollers.
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