Panther 150kg/1.5m Hydraulic Gate Closer
The Panther hydraulic gate closer is for residential to gates of up to 150kg/1.5m wide.  Versatile, easy-to-install and compact gate closer designed specially for wall and post situations. Panther is installed above the gate or between two pillars and can...
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Insert Gate Lock
Prime insert lock with 100% stainless steel mechanism. The stainless steel adjustable self-latching bolt and hook combined with the correct keep guarantee a strong and solid closed gate where the gate wings can not be pulled apart or forced open....
from $150.00
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Locinox Swing Gate Lock Guide Plate
Guide plate for a smooth guidance of the bolts of the surface mounted lock - for 40 to 60 mm profiles. 2 mm thick stainless steel guidance plate Combinable with all surface mounted gate locks Available for 40 mm up...
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Drop Bolt Ground Stop
Economic ground catcher for drop bolts with maximum axle of Ø20 mm. With draining hole. Simple and economic ground stop to put into concrete Without stop plate Hot-dip galvanized base-plate with polypropylene catcher For drop bolts with a maximum axle...
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Lion 75kg/1.1m Hydraulic Gate Closer
The Lion hydraulic gate closer is for retrofitting to gates of up to 75kg/1.1m wide.  Both 90° and 180° railsets are included in the package, allowing for more flexibility on site. The anodized aluminium housing combines a handsome look with...
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Mammoth HD 200kg Gate Closer Hinge
Elegant and powerful self-closing hinge for 180° gate situations. Mammoth is perfectly fit for gates up to 200 kg and 2m wide. It is equipped with a double bearing for exceptional functionality. The Dino hinge is included. Self-closing hinge with patented...
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Keeper for Twist40
Polyamide keep to combine with the TWIST40 lock. Fast and strong fixings on square posts: Quick-Fix. For gate profiles of 40 mm width only. Keep in polyamide for square profiles 40 mm or more Note the Twist40 is for 40shs...
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Child Safety Lock - In-post
High quality swimming pool gate lock with stainless steel mechanism and black PA and powder coated aluminium housing. The Twist has a two-handling operation which prevents young children from opening the gate. The unique rollerbolt facilitates the closing of the...
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Samson 150kg Gate Closer
Simple installation and versatility make it the perfect fit for larger gates. Samson-2 is a polyvalent hydraulic gate closer developed with high quality components for an exceptional long life span. Temperature changes do not affect the smooth and constant functionality....
$1,063.00 $780.00
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Caracal Hydraulic Hinge Round Post Adaptor
Round post adaptors for the Caracal hydraulic hinge. Includes round post adaptors for the Serval slave hinge. Ideal gap 30-50mm. For Posts 40-60nb and Gates 25-40nb All fixings included. For left and right turning gates. Fast and easy fixing with...
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TruClose Round Heavy Duty Gate Hinge
Priced as a pair. TruClose HEAVY DUTY range of hinges are designed for heavy or high-traffic gates weighing up to 70kg. The engineering-grade polymers and a stainless-steel closing spring deliver hinges designed to last a lifetime. Due to a high...
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Caracal 60kg Hydraulic Closer Hinge
For pedestrian gates of 60kg and 1100mm wide, these hydraulic hinges are firmly fixed with self drilling screws - there is no welding required. Suitable for installation on square and round frames, Caracal is a perfect fit for swimming pools,...
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Valentino Digital Swing Gate Code Lock
Locinox Valentino - Surface Mounted Battery Powered Code Lock Black High quality battery powered electronic code lock with aluminium housing. Valentino's energy efficient design makes it very easy to equip any gate with access control, with a minimal need for...
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Stainless Steel Safety Cable
Large, high infill swing gates can cause serious harm if they fall onto a person. The Stainless steel U-Safe gate safety cable prevents the gate from falling if the swing gate becomes detached or unhinged. The patented Quick-Fix anchor bolts...
from $35.00
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Y-Standard Insulator
Y-Standard insulators are used on intermediate posts along your JVA electric fence.
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Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel For Swing Gates
Jockey wheels support the free end of a long swing gate. The GSR250-F is a heavy duty wheel suitable for gates to 500kg. 75mmm spring travel and an chunky solid rubber 250mm wheel make it suitable for gates with an...
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Round Galvanised Pipe
Round Pipe, Hot dip galvanised finish in a number of sizes from 20NB right up to 60NB. Suitable for use with MasterKlamp fittings. Nominal Bore (mm) 20nb, 25nb, 32nb, 40nb, 50nb. Outside Diameter (mm) 27mm, 34mm, 42mm, 48mm, 60mm,
from $70.30
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JVA Z18 Electric Security Energizer
The JVA Z18R is a 8 Joule, single zone security electric fence energizer purpose built for control and monitoring of perimeter security electric fences. It can meet all of the requirements from basic residential to fully integrated high profile installations....
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Pentop - Swing Gate Frame Size Adaptor
The PENTOP is used to adapt your locinox swing gate lock to different frame sizes. LAKQ locks come with Q40 as standard. It suits frames from 40-60mm Q10 is for gate frames 10-30mm Q30 is for gate frames from 30-50mm...
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Wi-Fi General Purpose IO Board
The JVA Wi-Fi GPIO Board adds functionality to the JVA Perimeter Alarm System. It provides stand alone inputs and outputs to easily integrate external equipment into the Perimeter Patrol System. The inputs can monitor either Digital or Analogue devices such...
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JVA Vibration Sensor Cable
Microphonic (acoustic) cable is used in with a JVA-VM2 vibration monitor to enable the detection of an attempted breach of a perimeter by detection of the noise and vibrations created by unauthorized access or vandalism. The monitoring cables may be...
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JVA VM2 Security Vibration Monitor
The JVA VM2 is a Perimeter Intrusion Detection System utilizing Microphonic Cable. The VM2 (PTE0342) is designed to monitor one or two zones of Microphonic (acoustic) cable to enable the detection of an attempted breach of a perimeter by detection...
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Compression Insert for Adjustable Socket
Compression Inserts are welded into the gate frame to give it strength where the hinges are attached. They are designed to be used with a M16 socket hinge (SA16-100). 100mm sockets are partially threaded, allowing them to be used where...
from $50.96
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Drill Jig for Locinox Sliding Gate Locks
Drilling jig to prepare the gate-/strike-post for sliding gate locks and according keeps. The jig can be adjusted for profiles 40-50-60 mm. The jig guarantees a perfect center alignment of the Locinox lock/keep on your posts.
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