3 Reasons to use TonkaTrak Aluminium Cantilever Gate System


Tonkatrak Aluminium Cantilever Gate Fabrication

TonkaTrak is all about engineered extrusions and precision hardware that can be seamlessly integrated to create elegant gates. Remember when aluminium windows were cobbled together from off-the- shelf extrusions, awkwardly screwed into a frame to sandwich a piece of glass? Now they’re intricately engineered with built in features that speed up construction and benefit the end user. With Tonkatrak we’re making the same leap forward with aluminium gate design.

Popular styles like Finn, Louvre, Slat and Tongue and groove can be used in a way that allows the frame to simply flow around the infill to achieve what could only be described as minimalist magic. Get us to custom fabricate one for you in our Auckland workshop or we can supply the components for you to build into your own designs.

1. New Profile

The new track profile is extruded locally in 8m lengths. This means you can make a 5.7m opening gate (total length 8m) without joining the track. Refer to the table on downloadable Tech Spec below.

2. New Frame Design

4mm blades running the length of the profile allow the gate to be fully fabricated from 50x50 SHS and stitch welded to the extrusion when complete. Fast fabrication with zero distortion.

3. Updated Foundation Details

A lighter gate requires less concrete and less time digging. With Tonkatrak designs up to 6m gates will only need a 400mm wide x 400mm deep base and a small gate can be achored to a beefed up mowing strip! You can also get away with a much smaller gate motor.

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