Great Quality Chain Link Mesh


Man + Material + Machine = Great Quality Chain Link Mesh

We make our Lynx chain link mesh right here in New Zealand using a state of the art Bergandi chain-link weaver. It produces tight knuckles which ensure a deformation-resistant mesh. The diamonds are super consistent, and it will roll out evenly and quickly along your fence line.

 The Material

Lynx Chainlink is made from the wire from world-leading Belgium company Bekeart. Their Bezinal 2000 and Fusion Bond are known worldwide to have the best corrosion performance and nowhere puts that to the test better than New Zealand’s damp coastal climate. Bezinal 2000 uses a Zinc and Aluminium alloy that gives it 4-6x the protection of regular heavy galv wire. This is because the aluminium forms a tough oxide layer that protects the zinc which in turn protects the steel. Fusion Bond puts a third layer of protection on top of that with a thin film of coloured PVC that is chemically bonded to the wire. These high quality, corrosion-resistant wires exceed the strict requirements of the AS/NZS 4534 standards.

For more information, download our spec sheet.

  • Gauge: 2.5mm or 3.15mm
  • Diamond: 25mm or 50mm
  • Height: 0.9m - 3.6m
  • Tensile Strength: 450MPa

The Machine

When it comes to wire machinery, there is no better than Bergandi. One of the diehard companies that still manufacture their machines in the US, they invest endless amounts of care, time and expertise into every machine built, so manufacturers can produce top-quality product for mesh, residence and commercial use worldwide. With over 90-years of experience designing and manufacturing equipment, Bergandi Machinery is backed by its many patents in the fencing industry, you are assured to have the best mesh available on the market. We know our machine affectionately as 'Big Andy' and maintain it with care like its one of the team.   

The Man

You can have the best machinery and the best materials but it doesn’t amount to anything unless you also have the best operator. Semi has been making our chainlink mesh for more than 30 years and is still the backbone of the production. His humble quiet demeanour hides a keen focus and attention to detail. Forget about the sci-fi shows on Netflix – the symbiotic relationship of man and machine can be seen right here as Semi masterfully controls this complex machine with its spinning wires and blades.

Make time with Neho who runs the branch in East Tamaki to come in and see for yourself how Man + Machine + Material come together to produce our great quality Lynx Mesh.

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