Save space with a Bi-fold Gate!


One of the most obvious benefits you’ll receive from choosing to use a bi-fold gate - as opposed to a simple swing-back - is the space you’ll save. Using a bi-fold gate provides 50 percent more free space than a swing-back, meaning you’ll never have to worry about clearing space for the gate to open. As a result of this feature, bi-fold gates can be accommodated into tight spaces - perfect when there is limited space between the front gate and the house.

Easy to fit without the need for welding on site

As most of us know, gates aren’t normally easy to install, especially when they have as many moving parts as bi-fold gates usually do! They often require you to be able to set up complicated mechanisms to get them working correctly – a lot of gates will even need welding as a necessary part of the installation. What makes the Cais bi-fold gate stand out from other competitor offerings is how easy to assemble they are – Cais bi-fold gates don’t require any complicated wizardry while setting up, making for a fast and hitch-free installation.

See a Bi-fold Gate in action

If you want to see how Cais bi-fold gates work in person, feel free to come into our East Tamaki showroom between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday to Friday. Find out just how impressive these gates and their components are, or check out the other products we have on offer, ranging from fence panels and gates through to electirc fencing, intercoms and turnstiles. Edgesmith can completely sort you out when it comes to anything fence or gate-related, so contact our team or visit our showrooms in Silverdale or East Tamaki today!

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