e-Diagnostic Remote
Introducing the e-Diagnostic bidirectional remote – the ideal tool for the e-Loop range.Easy to useSimply place the remote on top of the e-Loop, press connect, and you are ready to go. With easy to navigate menu functions you can: Alter...
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E-Loop Exit
E-Loop Exit is wireless exit sensor housed in a super-strong housing specifically for for commercial driveways. A wireless exit option removes the need for intrusive driveway modifications like cutting or trenching for traditional inductive loops or vehicle probes. This wireless solution securely mounts on the...
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E-Loop Mini (residential)
Introducing a new concept in wireless vehicle detection. The e-Loop replaces traditional wired inductive loops, saving time and money while increasing reliability.E-Loop Mini wireless is an exit sensor designed for domestic installs. The compact wireless unit securely mounts on the driveway, communicating with a transceiver...
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E-Loop Radar
The e-Loop Commercial Presence Mode wireless detection module features radar protection. The Commercial Wireless Vehicle Detection System relies on magnetometer sensors to detect approaching vehicles. These detections are sent to a nearby transceiver to activate the gate. Once a vehicle is detected,...
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e-Trans-50 Transceiver
The e-Trans-50 transceiver works with all e-Loop models. It has a single NO output relay connecting to Open on the controller. Note: It's recommended e-Trans-50 be mounted in a weatherproof plastic box. Features Compact design with exceptional range SMA connector standard for optional...
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