Adjustable Driveway Gate
The Kinks Adjustable driveway gate is a super economic way to keep the dog and kids in. At 1.2m high and1.8m wide they can be used for a 3.8m opening with in a double swing configuration with standard gaps for hinges...
from $160.00
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Heavy Duty Overhead Guide Roller Bracket
The Heavy Duty Overhead Guide Roller Bracket is suitable for gates of up to 100mm wide frames and is used in conjunction with Lynx Stainless Steel Bearing O-Ring Rollers.
from $27.60
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Sebury sTouch2 Keypad
The Sebury Glass Touch Keypad is ideal for access control of gates and doors. It is anti-vandal, waterproof and supports PIN, Card or PIN+Card. Wiegand 26 output & input make it can be used as controller and slave reader. Features...
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Gooseneck Double Intercom Post
Gooseneck Double Intercom post for Truck plus Car access. Made from alumnium 65 shs with flange. Rain Hoods and adaptor plates available. Available in black or yellow.
  • Yellow
  • Black
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Double Rebate Gate Wheel
The Double Rebate Gate Wheels is the safest and most reliable gate wheel for large industrial sliding gates of up to 1400kg. Rebate wheels are safer than undergate wheels because the pivot of the wheel is inside the gate frame...
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Rebate Gate Wheel
High Clearance rebate gate wheels are ideal for residential and commercial gates where a low under gate gap is required yet but you don't want the gate to scrape on the track. These wheels can cope with up to 50mm...
from $43.10
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Park End Catch Bracket
Park Bracket is a convenient offset bracket for mounting catches and end cups. It can be mounted horizontally to a 100shs post or vertically directly to the concrete pad. Suits:  Cais Medium Cantilever End Cup,  TonkaTrak End Cup,  Paddock 4...
from $82.20
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Gate Nose
The Gate Nose bolts onto the leading edge of your gate to guide it smoothly and quietly into the end catch and prevent scratching. Used with Lynx End Catches
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Cartell Wireless Exit Sensor
The CarTell Puck is a wireless car sensor in a self-contained, housing with an internal transmitter and antenna. It needs absolutely no trenching and installs in under an hour. Install the puck beside the driveway, in the driveway, or on...
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Double Swing Gate Catch
The Double Swing Gate Catch is an easy way to latch two gates that meet together in the middle. Made from aluminium and using stainless steel fasteners, this latch will never rust and look good for years. A simple elegant latching solution...
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