Roger BM30 Bambino 400kg Sliding Gate Operator
The Roger Bambino BM30-304 is a powerful sliding gate operator capable of moving gates of up to 400kg at speeds of 25m/m. It has a compact 24v brushless motor that is capable of 100% duty cycle and has the smoothest...
$1,193.50 from $1,083.00
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Roger Monos 400kg Swing Gate Operator
The Roger Monos-4 is a powerfulswing gate operator capable of moving gates of up to 400kg or 4m wide. It has a compact 24v brushless motor that is capable of 100% duty cycle and has the smoothest torque application in...
$1,377.00 from $1,087.00
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Full Height Turnstile
The TriStar F21 Full Height Turnstile is a bi-directional turnstile with galvanised frame and rotor, stainless steel is an option.  With a soft start and stop feature, even a small child can operate it. The TriStar F21 is compatible with...
from $10,835.00
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Vinci Swing Gate Code Lock
High quality mechanical code lock with aluminium housing and stainless steel mechanism. The Vinci requires no batteries nor electricity, which makes it very easy to equip any gate with access control. The 20 mm continuous adjustability of the bolts allows...
from $1,159.00
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Tiger Self Closing Hinge
180° self-closing hydraulic hinge with precise adjustments on speed and final snap. The aluminium powder coated housing and unique high-tech components allow the Tiger to function perfectly in any weather situation. We highly recommend the Tigerdrill for an even more...
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MagnaLatch TopPull Allert Latch
The MagnaLatch® ALERT is the ultimate safety gate latch and the ideal alert device for when you can′t turn your back for a second. It's a combined gate latch and gate alarm in one, convenient product. The ALERT sets entirely...
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JVA Z14R Electric Security Energiser
The JVA Z14R is a single zone security electric fence Energizer purpose built for control and monitoring of perimeter security electric fences. It can meet all of the requirements from basic residential to fully integrated high profile installations. The Z14R...
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Rising Gate Hinge
Lynx Rising Driveway Gate Hinges allow your gate to swing upward on a sloping driveway. They are designed for steel or aluminium gates up to 120kg per leaf. The bottom bracket is adjustable allowing for slopes of up to 10...
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Roger Smarty 700kg Swing Gate Operator
The Smarty-7 is a swing gate operator for gates of up to 700kg and 7m per leaf. The powerful 36v brushless motors are capable of opening times as low as 35 sec on a large gate and can be operated...
from $2,546.00
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Double Rebate Gate Wheel
The Double Rebate Gate Wheels is the safest and most reliable gate wheel for large industrial sliding gates of up to 1400kg. Rebate wheels are safer than undergate wheels because the pivot of the wheel is inside the gate frame...
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Medium Cantilever Carriage
Steel Cantilever Gate systems are where CAIS made their reputation and the cantilever track production is at the heart of their operation.  The medium cantilever system is best for gates of up to 8m and 800kg. Enhanced design and superior...
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1.04 - Long Tee
MasterKlamp Pipe Clamp System is engineered for the simple, rapid assembly of tubular structures without the need for welding, bending or threading. No matter the complexity of the design, MasterKlamp enables quick, on-site construction. The modular design of MasterKlamp means...
from $8.38
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Chain Link Mesh
Lynx chainlink mesh is manufactured in New Zealand using a Bergandi chain link mesh weaver from the USA. It produces tight knuckles which ensure a deformation resistant mesh. Our Galv mesh is made from Bezinal 2000 wire from world leading...
from $6.83
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Split Cross
from $7.76
Split Cross
Split fittings are the easiest way to connect round posts and rails when building a chain link fence, tennis court or storage cage. The Lynx range of Tees, Crosses, Universal Fittings and Adjustable corners are made from mild steel and...
from $7.76
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