Photo-DB Wireless Photocells
Photocells are mounted on either side of the gate to improve safety. If the beam is broken by your car or a person they will stop the operation of the gate motor. The PHOTO-DB-PLUS is battery photocells allow a photocell...
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JVA VM2 Security Vibration Monitor
The JVA VM2 is a Perimeter Intrusion Detection System utilizing Microphonic Cable. The VM2 (PTE0342) is designed to monitor one or two zones of Microphonic (acoustic) cable to enable the detection of an attempted breach of a perimeter by detection...
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Wireless Exit Button
Wireless exit buttons can be mounted up to 50m away from from your gate or garage door and are a convenient way of opening it for visitors. This Italian made wall surface mounted remote control can be mounted inside or...
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Mag Lock End Support for Barrier Arm
Support the end of your barrier arm with an adjustable height End Support with built in mag lock. Magnetic Locking Supports recommended for 6m+ barriers [custom tab] Edgesmith's technicial support provides you with the support you need to have confidence...
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Cartell Wireless Exit Sensor
The CarTell Puck is a wireless car sensor in a self-contained, housing with an internal transmitter and antenna. It needs absolutely no trenching and installs in under an hour. Install the puck beside the driveway, in the driveway, or on...
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