358 Single Vertical Anti-Scale Mesh
Closely spaced wire lets air flow through and allows visibility but is too narrow for fingers, toes or hand tools. The anti-scale properties combined with being very slow to cut make 358 the ultimate security mesh infill for fencing and...
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Mercury Adjustable Driveway Gate
The Mercury adjustable driveway gate is a super economic way to keep the dog and kids in. At 1.5m high and maximum of 2.335mm wide, a set of these gates can be used for an approximate 4.75m opening for a...
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Fence Post 40nb, 50nb for Chain Link
Pre-made 40nb and 50nb round posts for 1.8m chain link fencing are now in stock. 3m long posts with 6 hole for 1.8m mesh with 3 lines of barbed wire or 3 hole They are a great quality post with...
from $65.00
  • HDG
  • Black
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The Finns Contour Fence Posts
These posts suit The Finns and Finns Contour ranges. Simple, convenient installation that makes it suitable for both DIYers and professional installers to enhance the aesthetic and functionality of their outdoor settings. ‬Quickly assemble modular balustrade panels that adjust for level...
from $84.00
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The Finns Contour
Introducing the Finn Contour Panel‭: ‬A fence panel with a twist. Created to work with our The Finn fence panel system, the Contour Panel expertly pivots to adjust its angle for stairs and hilly terrain, cleverly designed for any landscape.  See below for...
from $640.00
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