Three Main Applications for MasterKlamp


Pipe clamps come in different shapes, sizes and angles, making them the go-to product for the versatile, simple and fast assembly of tubular structures such as handrails, balustrades and guardrails. They are made from hot dip galvanised steel and are designed to fit pipes from 27mm to 60mm O/D.Why bother with welding, bending or threading when you can slot pieces together with pipe clamps? Using a combination of  Elbows, Tees, Crosses, Flanges and Swivels, the modular design and load bearing capacity gives you the ability to make all manner of useful constructions . Not only are they used for residential and industrial building purposes, but lots of hospitality retail spaces are using them to achieve the popular DIY industrial chic look.

The three main uses of MasterKlamp are as follows:

1. DIY

Ever wanted that piece of utilitarian furniture that fits your exact needs. Or that home gym just like the one at the crossfit box. Or the play equipment for your kids that you can keep builing on until it takes over the whole back yard. Masterklamp has the fittings you need and we can even cut the pipe and powder coat the whole lot so all you have to do is assemble. Its like lego for big kids.

2. Hospitality and Retail Fit-outs

The deconstructed, industrial chic look is trending right now, and fashion retailer Grey and Wild recently paired MasterKlamp fittings with wooden dowels to create an urban hanging rack and shelves. The result is a sleek and modern aesthetic that suits their high-end products. To view photographs of the store, check out some photos on our facebook.

3. Commercial and Industrial Handrail

When it comes to industrial sites, functionality and durability are key. MasterKlamp’s pipe clamps meet AS1428.1:2009 and the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act. Producer statements are available for a variety of designs to conform with handrail and balustrade regulations in the building code.

Talk to us today about your next project and we can help you choose the right fittings for the job.

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