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These days, we can reach for our phones to get everything we need. And now, thanks to exciting technological innovations in the industry, even our home security can be accessed remotely with our smartphones with the new 4G Mobile Intercoms from UK manufacturer AES.

Hardwired intercom systems are very reliable and are very cost effective in a new build. But these days who wants to run all the way to the kitchen to answer the door when we carry our phones with us all the time. Whats more it can be a cheaper install on an existing home where the cost of running cable to the door is prohibitively expensive. There are various wireless options on the market but ultimately a GSM Intercom system allow the intercom to call your mobile phone, as well as calling your home phone, all with the added benefit of no range limits! All you need is mobile phone coverage.

Why choose AES?

Advanced Electronic Solutions is a multi-award-winning UK based specialist manufacturer of high-quality wireless and GSM intercom systems, and innovation in design and technology lie at the heart of their product offering.

 Constructed from matt-black painted stainless steel, and finished with gloss black toughened acrylic trim, AES intercoms not only look great, but they are tough and weather resilient. AES also offers multi-apartment GSM intercoms which can address up to 500 apartments, perfect for tower blocks and flats.


Our Range

  • Single dwelling 4G Intercom
  • Single dwelling hardwired Intercom
  • Multi dwelling 4G Intercom for up to 500 users
  • Matching Extra Keypads


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